Tax Advantages Unveiled: The American's Guide to Living in Portugal with John

Are you an American considering moving to Portugal? Whether you're a retiree or digital nomad, you're going to want to hear this episode! We delve into the tax implications of living in Portugal as an American, busting myths, and sharing the benefits that make it an attractive destination.

In this episode, we interview John, a certified financial planner who moved from the US to Portugal. He offers expert advice and valuable insights into navigating the tax system while enjoying all that Portugal has to offer.

Episode Highlights:

  • Overcoming tax fears: Portugal wants you here, so don't let tax concerns hold you back.
  • The non-habitual residence tax status (NHR): This special tax status for retirees and high-value individuals can make your transition to Portugal smooth and worry-free.
  • Tax benefits for digital nomads: Join the growing community of remote workers enjoying Portugal's lifestyle and unique tax benefits.
  • US taxes still apply: Learn how to manage your US filing requirements while living in Portugal.
  • Expert insights: Hear firsthand from John, who has navigated the tax system in both countries and can offer practical advice.
  • Don't miss this episode, where we'll uncover the tax benefits and requirements of living in Portugal as an American. With the right planning and expert insights, you can make your dream move a reality and enjoy all the beauty and culture that Portugal has to offer. Play this episode now and start your journey to a new 

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Certified financial planner, expertly navigates U.S.-Portugal tax systems, and helping Americans thrive in their new life abroad
Tax Advantages Unveiled: The American's Guide to Living in Portugal with John
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