From Chaos to Calm: Angelique's Portuguese Serenity

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In this enlightening episode, Josh from ExpatsEverywhere sits down with Angelique, who shares her captivating journey from the chaos of the United States to the serene shores of Portugal. Angelique and her husband embarked on a quest for a tranquil life, leading them through England, France, and Spain before finding their haven in Portugal. Join us as we explore their experiences, the cultural shocks, the bureaucratic hurdles, and the profound sense of peace they've discovered in their new home.

Key Highlights:

  • The Decision to Move: Driven by a desire to escape the fast-paced American lifestyle and the allure of European culture and history, Angelique and her husband ventured through several countries before choosing Portugal as their new home.
  • Cultural Observations: Angelique discusses the stark contrasts between life in the U.S. and Europe, from consumerism to community vibes, and how Portugal offered the cultural depth and quality of life they were seeking.
  • Challenges of Moving: The episode touches on the complexities of relocating, including navigating the Portuguese real estate market, adapting to new cultural norms, and dealing with the infamous Portuguese bureaucracy.
  • Finding Community and Identity: As an artist, Angelique shares insights into integrating into the local arts scene, building friendships, and the importance of community in fostering creativity and belonging.
  • Reflections on Expat Life: Two and a half years into their Portuguese adventure, Angelique reflects on the transformative power of living abroad, highlighting the sense of calm, safety, and gratitude that defines their daily lives.

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Hi, I'm Angelique. I couldn't take the insanity that is the US anymore so I moved to Portugal without ever having stepped foot in it.
From Chaos to Calm: Angelique's Portuguese Serenity
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