Exploring Italy: Rimini

In this episode of 'Let's Move to Portugal,' Josh and Kalie venture into the vibrant city of Rimini, where the allure of beachfront relaxation meets the charm of ancient history. Join them as they navigate the juxtaposition of modern leisure and timeless beauty in one of Italy's most famous seaside resorts.

Beachfront Bliss Meets Historical Elegance:

  • Discover Rimini's unique blend of sun-soaked beaches and historical intrigue. Josh and Kalie share their exploration of the city's old town, where ancient Roman ruins and Renaissance architecture tell tales of a bygone era right next to the Adriatic Sea's sparkling waters.

A City Made for Walking:

  • Follow their footsteps through Rimini's walkable streets, where every corner offers a new discovery. From bustling piazzas to serene pathways along the beach, Rimini proves to be a city where the joys of exploration are best experienced on foot.

Seamless Connectivity:

  • Learn about Rimini's accessibility, as Josh and Kalie discuss how easy it is to reach this coastal haven by train. With its well-connected railway station, Rimini serves as a perfect base for travelers looking to explore the broader Emilia-Romagna region and beyond.

"Would They Expat That?" - Envisioning Life in Rimini:

  • Amidst their adventures, the couple contemplates the possibility of calling Rimini home. They weigh the pros and cons of expat life in this dynamic city, considering factors like the local lifestyle, community vibe, and the balance between tourist influx and authentic Italian living.

Tune in for an episode that not only captures the essence of Rimini's dual charm but also delves into the practicalities of making such a picturesque locale one's home.

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Exploring Italy: Rimini
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