Summer in Spain: Detour through Andorra

In the latest chapter of their Summer Road Trip, Josh and Kalie took a detour from Spain, finding themselves amidst the mountainous beauty of Andorra. This episode offers listeners a genuine glimpse into their impressions of the capital city and the varying experiences that defined their stay.

A highlight of this episode is Josh and Kalie's comprehensive pros and cons list of living in Andorra. The country's scenic vistas and unexpectedly affordable meals captivated their hearts. However, not everything went as smoothly, with a minor fender-bender adding a twist to their Andorran narrative.

Their culinary journey in Andorra proved to be a delightful surprise. The duo indulged in the nation's unique cuisine, relishing dishes that showcased local flavors without straining their travel budget.

While this episode promises cultural insights, vivid narratives, and candid moments, it also highlights the unpredictable nature of travel. Dive in to hear about their Andorran escapade and discover if this enchanting enclave in the Pyrenees might beckon you next.

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Summer in Spain: Detour through Andorra
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