Summer in Spain: Zippin' Through Zaragoza and the Iberian Top Tens

Hello, dear listeners! In this new episode of the Summer Road Trip series, Josh and Kalie find themselves in the enchanting city of Zaragoza. This vibrant hub is more than just a cultural melting pot; it's a place where history, modernism, and architectural diversity coalesce to offer a truly unique experience.

Join us as Josh and Kalie take us on an auditory adventure, sharing their firsthand travel insights and experiences. They marvel at the majestic Basilica del Pilar and the historic Aljafería Palace, two of Zaragoza's crown jewels that epitomize the city's rich cultural tapestry.

But this episode is not just about Zaragoza! Our dynamic duo broadens the scope of their exploration, venturing into a detailed comparison of the top ten cities in both Spain and Portugal. From the picturesque locales of Lisbon and Porto to the bustling vibrancy of Madrid and Barcelona, Josh and Kalie analyze each destination's unique appeal, assessing them from the perspective of potential expat living destinations.

Are you curious about the culinary delights awaiting you in these vibrant cities? Craving insights into the vibrant nightlife and urban landscapes that characterize Spain and Portugal's top spots? This episode is packed with information that will fuel your wanderlust and perhaps guide you in choosing your next home abroad.

So sit back, relax, and embark on another exciting episode of "Let's Move to Portugal" as they dissect the allure and potential drawbacks of settling in these sought-after Iberian destinations. Tune in to find out which city tops their list and whether Zaragoza finds a place in their potential expat paradise list. It's an episode brimming with exploration, discovery, and invaluable advice. You won't want to miss it!

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Summer in Spain: Zippin' Through Zaragoza and the Iberian Top Tens
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