Summer in Spain: Lessons from Lleida

In this week's episode of the Summer Road Trip series, Josh and Kalie navigate through the streets of Lleida, a city that couldn't quite capture their hearts. Despite their best efforts to immerse themselves in the local culture by meeting a local bar owner, their experiences here were a bit lackluster, marked by a series of unexpected turns.

Their journey in Lleida serves as a reminder that not all travel tales are filled with awe and wonder; sometimes, they are characterized by ordinary moments and minor inconveniences. However, these moments didn't completely dampen their spirits as they were able to find glimpses of charm in the historical sites and culinary offerings the city had to present.

Throughout this episode, Josh and Kalie also draw parallels between their time in Lleida and their experiences in various cities in Portugal, offering listeners a comprehensive view of life in the Iberian peninsula. Even amidst the not-so-glamorous parts of their adventure, the duo maintains a keen eye for detail and a zest for exploration, which are sure to resonate with fellow travelers.

Join them as they share the ups and downs of their journey, offering a balanced and realistic account of their time in Lleida, and giving listeners an opportunity to decide if this Spanish city might hold unexpected treasures for them to discover.
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Summer in Spain: Lessons from Lleida
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