Summer in Spain: Bringing It Around to Barcelona

In the concluding episode of the Summer Road Trip series, Josh and Kalie find themselves in Barcelona, sharing their thoughts on the bustling city and comparing it to places they’ve explored in Portugal. 

Josh takes a moment to reassess his views on automobile ownership, shedding light on how the extensive road trip has influenced his perspective on cars and travel logistics.

This finale episode doesn’t just focus on the city’s visual appeal. The duo also spend time reflecting on the entirety of their journey, sharing insights and takeaways from their adventure across Spain. They discuss the parallels and contrasts between the cities they've encountered in both Spain and Portugal, providing a thoughtful comparison for listeners contemplating which country might align more with their lifestyle and preferences.

Join Josh and Kalie as they wrap up their Summer Road Trip series with reflections on their adventure, observations on Barcelona, and comparisons with Portuguese cities, offering listeners a comprehensive overview of their immersive travel experience.

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Summer in Spain: Bringing It Around to Barcelona
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