Pregnancy and Parenting in Porto with Rachel

This week on 'Let's Move to Portugal,' Kalie sits down for an in-depth conversation with Rachel, a resilient and adventurous mom who made the decision to relocate her family to Porto, Portugal. This international relocation became even more of an adventure when she took it on while 20 weeks pregnant with her third child.

In this episode, Rachel provides insight into her family's transition and settling overseas in a brand new culture. With all the challenges, surprises, and rewards, Rachel's story gives a real glimpse of what it's like living abroad with kids. She brings to light how her family adapted to their new surroundings and shares some of the unforgettable moments they've experienced along their expatriate journey.

One of the focal points of this episode is the intimate story of Rachel's pregnancy abroad. Amidst navigating the Portuguese culture and taking care of her two kids in a new city, Rachel also faced an unexpected situation – giving birth prematurely in a Porto public hospital. She shares her birthing experience, highlighting the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Her story is not just about a premature birth, but a testament to courage and a mother's love.

Apart from their personal experiences, Rachel also discusses practical aspects of their move. From her perspective as an expat mom, she reveals the various facets of family life in Porto and paints a comprehensive picture of what life looks like when you embark on such a massive family adventure.

Whether you are contemplating an international relocation or just love to hear inspiring stories of people adapting in a new country, this episode offers a treasure trove of insights and experiences. It's an episode filled with courage, family love, and the trials and triumphs of living an expat life in Portugal – don't miss it!

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Rachel Drymon
Rachel Drymon
SAHM of three kids. Navigating life in a new country. Trying all the coffee shops, pastries and wine Porto has to offer.
Pregnancy and Parenting in Porto with Rachel
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