Porto vs. Braga: a Beautiful Battle

In this week's episode of 'Let's Move to Portugal', we're taking a deep dive into the Portuguese cities of Porto and Braga. Our host, Josh, connects with Rafael, a Braga resident and owner of a podcast studio, for a live interview exploring the nuances and characteristics of these two vibrant and captivating Portuguese cities.

From the rich, historical ambiance of Braga to the eclectic energy of Porto, this episode is a comparison guide for anyone considering living in Portugal or simply fascinated by Portuguese lifestyle. Josh, with his extensive knowledge and experience of Porto, engages in an enlightening conversation with Rafael, whose insights on life in Braga offer a fresh perspective. They explore the cultural differences in Portugal, the unique charms each city holds, and the reality of urban living in Portugal.

The chat between Josh and Rafael not only encompasses the larger themes of moving to Porto or Braga but also dives into the smaller, everyday experiences of an expat in Portugal. They share personal stories and observations, making this episode a trove of firsthand information for those interested in Portuguese lifestyle.

This is an episode for those interested in moving to Portugal, those intrigued by the idea of exploring different Portuguese cities, and those who simply love to hear about new cultures and experiences. Whether you're an ardent fan of 'Let's Move to Portugal' or a newcomer to our podcast, this exploration of Portugal's charming cities of Porto and Braga, with their distinct cultural flavors, is sure to captivate you.

Join us this week on 'Let's Move to Portugal' as we navigate through the beautiful streets of Porto and Braga with our host Josh and our guest Rafael. Learn about the life, culture, and the unique allure of these two cities. Tune in, and let's discover the wonders of Portugal together!
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Rafael Di Furia
Rafael Di Furia
An Italian/American guy living in Portugal after 5 years full-time in Italy. Just taking life one day at a time and enjoying every moment... Not quite your average globetrotter
Porto vs. Braga: a Beautiful Battle
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