Packing Up for Portugal: Nicole's Exciting New Chapter

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Join us this week on "Let's Move to Portugal" as we dive into an enthralling tale of transition, excitement, and new beginnings. Our guest, Nicole, a lively traveler originally from Jamaica and now based in Boston, is embarking on her next big adventure—a move to Portugal!

Nicole's journey has been filled with vibrant experiences, from the rich culture of Jamaica to the bustling life of Boston, and now to the enchanting landscapes of Portugal. With a successful career in the travel industry, Nicole has turned her passion for exploring the world into a profession, and her insights into travel and tourism are both enlightening and inspiring.

But her adventure doesn't stop there. Nicole and her family are packing up to make a thrilling transition to their new home in Portugal. This move represents more than just a change of address; it's a dream come true, a fresh start in a land filled with history, opportunity, and endless possibilities.

In this episode, Josh chats with Nicole about the excitement of embracing change and the planning and emotions that go into such a significant relocation. You'll learn about why Portugal was the perfect choice for Nicole and her family, and how her experiences in different cultures have shaped her life and career.

From Jamaica's lively rhythms to Boston's energetic pace, Nicole's journey to Portugal is a fascinating exploration of cultural differences, professional growth, and the allure of a country rich in tradition and beauty.

Join us to explore Nicole's path, the joys and challenges of moving abroad, and the exhilaration of starting fresh in a place filled with potential. Her story is a testament to following your dreams, seizing opportunities, and the beauty of adventure.

Don't miss this inspirational episode of "Let's Move to Portugal." Nicole's story is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever dreamed of making a bold move and embracing a new chapter in life.

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Travel business expert living in Seixal, Portugal with my husband and two boys. Originally from Boston, MA by way of Jamaica, I fell in love with Portugal in 2017 and knew back then that it would play a much more significant role in my life and my travel business. Since then we have immersed ourselves in the country, culture, and community. I have integrated my journey into a lifestyle company called The Saudade Life, where life, travel, and the joy of doing the things that set our souls on fire connect.
Packing Up for Portugal: Nicole's Exciting New Chapter
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