Exploring Italy - Genoa

In this episode of 'Let's Move to Portugal,' Josh and Kalie continue their captivating Italian trio, making a memorable stop in the enchanting city of Genoa. Join them as they unravel the city's unique charm, drawing intriguing parallels to a certain Portuguese city.

Discovering Genoa:

  • Josh and Kalie share their experiences wandering through Genoa's vibrant streets. From its bustling ports to the serene alleyways, they unveil the city's multifaceted personality.

Portuguese City Resemblance:

  • In an intriguing comparison, they discuss which Portuguese city Genoa reminds them of. Listen as they draw parallels between Genoa's character and the distinct vibe of this Portuguese counterpart.

Experiences in Genoa:

  • The duo recounts what they did during their brief visit. From historical sites to modern hotspots, their journey through Genoa is filled with discoveries and memorable moments.

Would They Expat That?:

  • The quintessential question arises: Would Josh and Kalie consider Genoa as a potential place to live? They weigh in on the lifestyle, amenities, and overall atmosphere of the city from an expat’s perspective.

Stay tuned for an episode that not only explores the beauty of Genoa but also delves into the heart of what makes a city ideal for expatriation.

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Exploring Italy - Genoa
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