Exploring Italy: Bologna

Join Josh and Kalie on 'Let's Move to Portugal' as they continue their Italian adventure, this time exploring the historic and vibrant city of Bologna. Known for its rich culinary heritage, unique transport system, and lively ambiance, Bologna promises a journey full of discoveries.

Navigating Bologna's Transportation:

  • Discover how Josh and Kalie navigated the city. They delve into Bologna's transport system, sharing insights that could be crucial for potential expats considering the city's accessibility and connectivity.

A Culinary Paradise: Pasta, Wines, and Meats:

  • Bologna is a haven for food lovers, and our hosts take full advantage of this. They talk about indulging in the city's famous pasta dishes, tasting exquisite local wines, and sampling a variety of meats – a true gastronomic adventure!

Cultural Immersion and Local Lifestyle:

  • Beyond food, Josh and Kalie immerse themselves in the local culture. They share their experiences interacting with the locals, participating in everyday life, and the overall lifestyle that Bologna offers.

"Would They Expat That?" - Considering Bologna as a Home:

  • As always, they tackle the big question: Could Bologna be a potential new home? They discuss the pros and cons, considering factors like the cost of living, community feel, and overall vibe from an expat perspective.

Tune in for an episode that's not just about the flavors of Bologna but also a deep dive into what it's like to live in this charming Italian city.

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Exploring Italy: Bologna
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