Exploring Italy... and San Marino

This episode of 'Let's Move to Portugal' takes an exciting turn as Josh and Kalie visit the intriguing nation of San Marino. Nestled within Italy, this microstate offers a distinct experience with its unique history, architecture, and lifestyle.

The Challenge of Parking in San Marino:

  • Listen as Josh and Kalie recount their experience with finding parking in San Marino, a practical aspect that often goes unspoken but is crucial for travelers and potential expats alike.

Discount Shopping and Local Delights:

  • San Marino isn't just about historic sites; it's also a haven for discount shopping. Our hosts share their experiences with the local shopping scene, offering tips and insights for those looking to indulge in retail therapy.

Exploring Castles and Historic Architecture:

  • San Marino is known for its stunning castles and medieval architecture. Josh and Kalie take us on a journey through these historic sites, sharing the beauty and grandeur of these well-preserved treasures.

"Would They Expat That?" - Considering San Marino:

  • Amidst their explorations, Josh and Kalie ponder the question: Could San Marino be more than just a travel destination? Could it be a place to call home? They discuss the pros and cons of living in this unique microstate from an expat's perspective.

Join Josh and Kalie as they navigate the quaint yet vibrant streets of San Marino, bringing to light the allure and practicalities of life in one of the world's smallest and oldest republics.

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Exploring Italy... and San Marino
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