Creativity in Cascais: Niki’s Tale of Art and Community

In this enlightening episode of Season 2, dive deep as we explore the vibrant worlds of creativity and community with our distinguished guest, Niki Smart. An award-winning author, screenwriter, and musician, Niki carries a wealth of experiences from her extensive career. From being the Managing Editor for SoCal Magazine and the LA Fashion Magazine to making a remarkable impact at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, her journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

As Halloween approaches, we delve into the heart of cultural festivities, unraveling what Halloween in Portugal is like. Amidst tales of traditions and celebrations, discover how this festivity is embraced in the warm and vibrant communities of Portugal.

Niki’s latest venture,, shines a light on the local happenings and positive occurrences within the community, embodying the spirit of connection and positivity. Her innovative platform illuminates the essence of community engagement, emphasizing events and uplifting stories that knit the fabric of local culture.

Stay tuned as we unfold Niki's rich tapestry of experiences, accomplishments, and her profound impact on communities through various artistic and expressive mediums. Journey with us through conversations sprinkled with insights, inspirations, and a celebration of life’s vibrant hues in this episode.

Prepare to be immersed in stories of talent, tradition, and community in this captivating episode.
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Creators and Guests

Niki Smart
Niki Smart
Niki Smart is an award-winning author, screenwriter and musician. She was the Managing Editor for SoCal Magazine and the LA Fashion Magazine, writing many press articles and schmoozing her heart out. Niki helped co-produce 4 x shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2022, and did PR for 8 shows in 2023. Her latest project is, a local information hub that focuses on events and positive happenings within the community.
Creativity in Cascais: Niki’s Tale of Art and Community
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