Captivating Cascais with Concertos and Community - Rivkah

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Join us this week as we explore the enchanting musical world of Rivkah. Our journey dives into intimate concerts, the universal language of music, and cross-continental performances, offering listeners a uniquely immersive experience. Rivkah’s history with her dynamic folk rock band encompasses tours across Europe, the USA, and Australia, harmonizing with international musicians and creating unforgettable artistic atmospheres.

The heart of this episode beats in the rhythm of private house concerts, where music and audience connect in a deeply personal way. Rivkah’s passion reverberates through lush gardens, against ocean backdrops, and under the warm embrace of stunning sunsets. We venture through her transition from leading a folk rock band to curating top-tier musicians, organizing vibrant events filled with captivating art exhibitions, and poetic gatherings.

In this episode of "Let's Move to Portugal," the melodies of Europe come alive as we celebrate the cultural experiences and musical tapestry woven by Rivkah's remarkable talents and stories. Tune in and allow the universal language of music to resonate, inspire, and transport you through the auditory landscapes of Rivkah’s musical odyssey.

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Over the years, I embarked on exhilarating tours across Europe, the USA, and Australia, leading a dynamic folk rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. This remarkable journey, enriched with a diverse group of international musicians, took us through numerous continents. One of the most heartwarming experiences during this time was playing at private house concerts. These intimate settings allowed for a deep connection between us and the audience. As I transitioned away from my band, I held onto the dream of recreating this magical atmosphere. Now, I am bringing that dream to life, offering both musicians and audiences a space to forge genuine connections through the universal language of music. Now I curate top-tier musicians, showcase captivating art exhibitions, and organize poetic brunches, intimate dinners and vibrant summer club parties. Each event is graced with surprise guest musicians, artists or guest speakers and all set against the stunning backdrop of sunsets, the ocean, forests, and lush gardens.
Captivating Cascais with Concertos and Community - Rivkah
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